Emmett Office Staff

Nathan Duckert - Plant Manager, CCA

Jack Dorman - Grain

Carl Welch - Sales Manager

Dale Schoen - Office/Grain

Jill Lewis - Office/Grain

Chad Thom - Agronomy Sales, CCA

Samantha Beyer - Agronomy Sales, CCA

Zach Montney-Management Trainee

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10730 Mary Street

Emmett, MI 48022

PHONE 810-384-6519



7863 Babcock

Jeddo, MI 48032

PHONE 810-327-1333




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Monday-Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm





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Monday-Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm





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Telephone: 810-384-6519



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Check out the 2018

Dekalb & Asgrow Yield Chasers Awards



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Left to Right: Matt Zimba, Carl Welch, Jay Ferguson, Paul Kruse, Jesse Zimba,

Randy Eschenburg, Dale Zehr, Mitchell Parks, Ron Parks, Amanda Opificus,

Gerry Opificus, Deb Ferguson, & Alvin Ferguson



95 Day & Below, Non-Irrigated

 1st Place  Randy Eschenburg

294.6 bu/Ac Dekalb 44-15 VT2P

*1st Place in the State NCGA Yield Contest*


2nd Place   Ben Zimba

251.4 bu/Ac Dekalb 46-10 VT2P


96-100 Day, Non-Irrigated

2nd Place   Gerry Opificus

266.0 bu/Ac Dekalb 46-20 VT3P


3rd Place   Mike Opificus

265.4 bu/Ac Dekalb 49-72 SS


104 Day & Up, Non-Irrigated

2nd Place   Jesse Zimba

247.9 bu/Ac Dekalb 56-45 SS


97 Day & Below, No-Till/Strip Till, Non-Irrigated

1st Place   Ron Parks

257.3 bu/Ac Dekalb 44-15 VT2P


2nd Place   Ron Parks

237.7 bu/Ac Dekalb 47-27 VT2P


3rd Place   Dale Zehr

234.6 bu/Ac Dekalb 47-27 VT2P


98-101 Day, No-Till/Strip Till, Non-Irrigated

1st Place   Deborah Ferguson

251.5 bu/Ac Dekalb 49-73 VT2P


2nd Place   Mitchell Parks

237.9 bu/Ac Dekalb 49-73 VT2P


 102 Day, No-Till/Strip Till, Non-Irrigated

1st Place   Alvin Ferguson

273.9 bu/Ac Dekalb 52-61 VT2P


2nd Place   Jay Ferguson

264.1 bu/Ac Dekalb 56-45 SS


Congrats to all of our award winners! 


We would also like to thank the following for also participating in the 2018 Yield Chasers:

Jeff Parr, Jay Parr, Tom Tessmer, Johnny Eschenburg, James Eschenburg, Bryon Eschenburg, Don Koning, Rich Schapman, Steve Wendt, & Nic Zehr.


Thanks again to everyone that participated.