***New Weight Restrictions on M-46 and Van Buren Rd Bridge:
      19T gross straight
      26T gross semi
      48T gross double
Can take M-15 as possible alternate route to the Elevator

Star of the West - Richville

3269 S. Van Buren Rd

Richville, MI 48758



                                                                           Richville Staff

Keith Martus

Vice President, Elevator Division

Jacob Hecht, CCA

Plant Food Manager

Dave Jankowski, CCA

Field Sales Representative, Seed Specialist

Jeff Martus, CCA

Field Sales Representative, Seed Specialist

Ryan Hegenauer, CCA

Custom Application Operations, Lime Specialist

John Pullis, CCA

Precision Agriculture Specialist

Justin Krick, CCA

Field Sales Representative

Nathan Beyerlein

Field Sales Assistant

Lauren Reinbold

Office Support & Billing

Matthew Singer

Office Support & Billing

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Cash Bids
White Wheat      
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Name Delivery Start Cash Price Futures Change

Name Delivery Start Cash Price Futures Change
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Services Offered

Custom Fertilizer Blending Variable Rate Seeding Prescriptions
Custom Fertilizer Application Wheat and Bean Seed Treating
Precision GPS Soil Sampling Wheat Seed Cleaning
Variable Rate Fertilizer Application Aerial Imagery Services
Variable Rate Lime Applications Marketing Services
Custom Sprayer Applications Recordkeeping Services
Cover Crop Application Yield Monitor Mapping
Aerial Application PSNT/Soil Nitrate Testing
Crop Scouting Manure Testing
Tissue Sampling Sustainability Services



Quick Guides

Growing Degree Days Calculator (Corn use 50oF, Beets use 34oF, Wheat use 32oF, Soybeans use 50oF)

MSU Weed Control Guide 

Rain-Free Periods  Rotation Restrictions   Re-Entry Intervals


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Star of the West Milling Co.


Beans and Beets


Job Opportunities in Richville...call 868-4186.


Richville, Michigan (48758)

Current Conditions Sunny
Temperature 28°F
Dew Point 13°F
Pressure 30.42 in. Hg
Humidity 53%
Wind 11 mph
From Northeast