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Agricultural Career Night 

The Tuscola County Farm Bureau, in cooperation with the MSU Extension offices, hosted the first ever Agricultural Career Night at the Tuscola County ISD.  This event was developed to discuss opportunities in the agriculture industry, including those not directly related to animal and plant production.  Food, fuel and fiber are products of this industry, and there is room for all levels of education and background.  


Karina Spencer with our Flour Division put it well, "Students that aren't geared to go off to a university setting for four years, we have opportunities for them to learn a trade.  We also have opportunities for those that go off to a technical school and come back- those who are mechanically inclined.  For those that do go off to a four year university we get them into a trainee program.  I hope that's what students have taken away today."

At Star of the West, we are very proud to have been present at the event and hope that the event continues to support and educate the youth in our area.  With the ever-changing landscape of commercial ag, and as regulations continue to impact our flour milling organization, it will place more emphasis on training and education; not only with professionals employed with our organization, but also with consumers of our products. 

The networking that takes place at these events is just as important for our organization as they are for the students.  Star of the West is dependent on the talent of our people, and it is important to continue to recruit the best. 

According to Farm Bureau and MSUE organizers, they plan to make this an annual event. 

Environmental Respect Award Winner: Star of the West - Richville


Michigan Green Agri-Business Awards

Several Star of the West Milling locations were recognized at the 7th annual Michigan Agri-Business Association (MABA) Green Agri-Business Awards. Awards were presented to businesses that demonstrated their environmental stewardship and sustainability work through the MABA program. 

Application components to receive a Green Award include a comprehensive evaluation of agronomic practices, water quality and conservation efforts, energy efficiency programs, facilities improvement, transportation, recycling, and the use of advanced site specific agriculture technology.  

Locations that received this award were Fairgrove, Frankenmuth, Quincy, Rapson, Reese & Richville.  

2016 Outstanding Green Agribusiness Award



2015 Michigan Ag Exporter of the Year Award Winner