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Location Manager: Justin Edwards

Grower Origination Contact 989-751-3867


Operations Manager: Joe Ignash


Office Manager: Suellen Peyok




462 N. Vassar Rd

Fairgrove, MI 48733

Phone: 989-693-6496

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Star of the West Milling Co. in Fairgrove, MI on Vassar Rd. is a non-GMO soybean processing plant. We are proud to say that all of our non-GMO soybeans are grown locally here in Michigan, and growers are paid a premium. Food safety is practiced throughout our facility.

Quality is not just a standard, it is an expectation. Quality assurance comes from experienced multi-generation family farms who grow and deliver the beans to our facility, and our very own operators with 40+ years of experience.

Cleaned beans are packaged in 30 kg bags, one ton totes, or bulk containers. Most shipments are exported to other countries, with Japan being our largest importer. The beans are then primarily used for fresh tofu or for soy milk.

Local Weather
Fairgrove, Michigan (48733)

Current Conditions Light rain
Temperature 72°F
Dew Point 72°F
Pressure 29.95 in. Hg
Humidity 100%
Wind 4 mph
From Southeast