15%-20% shakeouts, pre yearend mark?

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Mute the News! Non sense is talking about this possible BUDGET DEFAULT EVENT this Saturday. I DO NOT THINK THIS IS DONE DEAL, Risk is on the table, metals spiked down to my OLB, with volume explosion detailed in the silver chart.

STUDY MY SILVER CHART. This is how I put 5-20% hi impact levels in front of you, the client.

Even if you dont know anything about charts, spend 30 seconds for each bar to see how you quantify research risk to the previous bar. At or Over lines HFT funds buy 10,000 contracts in my 1 bar. Very powerful Wall St stuff in my opinion. I have studied GS behavior since late 80s.

This is not for you and I compensate for clients by finding verticals long shots like silver and wheat, few softs. Just wait.

Everything is hot, great charts for now in silver, and coffee. It held, no overnight stop searching. I think KCH today we find funds sold maybe 20,000 short as OI has exploded almost double that. Stop under 118.30

2 weeks before qtr end is just like sn 907 beans in June. Everybody wants to wait until the new year in 2 weeks.

Silver might be 8% higher. Different risk parameters. Today these are the #s and we are higher on the week in SI.

BOH, held again. Meal was the dog junk, of complex. $3,000 off top which was 3.00 over my set, ols s like beans.

Look at low this week in May beans, that's sweet and why you need to scatter 1 lots everywhere I point out value. May beans steady on the year? A back month mysteriously holds? The levels are what the Macro Pro trading shops are using. Check that silver thing of beauty. THE LINES PLAY IN MY TIMEFRAMES, watch the closes of those candles and see if the level is live.

I think this is game on for all markets on thes3 20% breaks or a touch less in weeks. Let me know and I will find you value speculation areas where the voracity of moves are ferocious ly fast in nature.

May wheat may, have bottomed 426. You must ask; are we going to 400? I want no part of last 25 cent break. Wheat ac may be down more than expectations which is also what the Fed manages in trading.

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If you do know Charts and how this provides when to not be GS hood ornament, I have worked on this study over a decade. Just fill out the account application and let's get ready for 2018 TODAY.




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