Star of the West Milling Company currently participates in two sustainability metric platforms: 


AgriEdge Excelsior

We partner with Syngenta's AgriEdge Excelsior to provide sustainability metrics and real-farm data to food manufacturers in order to assist with assessment goals and sustainability benchmarks.  AgriEdge Excelsior is focused on empowering partners to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge through the powerful integration of data, analytics and agronomic experience. 



We partner with Land O'Lakes SUSTAIN™, which is a leading conservation solutions provider, advancing and connecting stewardship efforts throughout the food system with scale — from farmers to ag retailers to partners like food companies. With our partnership, together we are taking the next step in farmer-led and farmer-driven sustainability through Truterra™.


We are always on the look out for technologies and systems that continue to make us, our grower partners and our food manufacturing customers more sustainable from farm to table.