Star of the West will pay a Quality Premium for white wheat.
The Quality Premium is included with the basis and cash price listed below.  Contact us for more information!

Emmett - Cash Bids
White Wheat        
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Red Wheat        
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Name Delivery Start Cash Price Price Change Futures Change

Name Delivery Start Cash Price Price Change Futures Change
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All grain prices are subject to change at any time.
Cash bids are based on 10-minute delayed futures prices, unless otherwise noted.




We will be CLOSED

Friday, July 3rd


We wish you all a happy and safe

4th of July Weekend!!




To Mitigate the risk for everyone

Please Call, Text, or Email

instead of stopping in the office!!

 (810) 384-6519



Star of the West Milling Co. Emmett location is open.  Through these difficult times we will remain open and are committed to serving our customers.  The Emmett facility will continue to operate fully, providing the products and services you rely on to produce your crops, market and deliver your grain, and outbound grain deliveries.

We will continue to serve you, our customers with farm delivery, application services, and allow pick up of all your fertilizer and crop protection products.

Because the health and safety of our customers and employees it is of utmost importance that some necessary changes have been made to the operations of the Emmett facility.

We ask that you call ahead and make an appointment with your Agronomy Consultant, or call ahead to order products, and schedule delivery or pick up at your convenience.  Additionally we ask that drivers remain with their vehicles when picking up products, both fertilizer, crop protection, seed, and grain.  You can leave the cab but remain at your vehicle.

As we deliver products or services, our employees have been instructed to do the same as we are asking of you.

If you have questions, please call the office at (810) 384-6519

Thank you for cooperating with us and working together during these trying times and our new procedures.  From all of us at Star of the West Milling Company Emmet and all locations, we’re praying for a safe and healthy planting season for you and your family.


Nathan Duckert

Star of the West Milling Co.




Fertilizer Plant Building Videos 


Week 5 & 6


Week 3 & 4: Framing



Week 1: Footers & Rebar (0-34 seconds)

Week 2: Walls being poured (35 seconds - 1:09 minutes)


We plan on uploading new videos each week to show you it's progress

Local Weather
Emmett, Michigan (48022)

Current Conditions Sunny
Temperature 91°F
Dew Point 66°F
Pressure 29.86 in. Hg
Humidity 44%
Wind 6 mph
From South


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Star of the West - Emmett

10730 Mary St.
 PO Box 317
 Emmett, MI  48022
Phone 810-384-6519 


7863 Babcock Rd
Jeddo, MI 
Phone 810-327-1333 


Accepting Soybeans & Corn



Monday-Friday 7:00am - 4:00pm

CLOSED Friday, July 3rd 





Until Wheat Harvest!!



We will keep you up to date on any changes here.
Thanks for your business!!

Telephone: 810-384-6519


Manager: Nathan Duckert




Dekalb Yield Chasers




Left to Right: Don Koning, Jay Ferguson, Randy Eschenburg, Carl Welch, Ron Parks, Carl Foster, Jeff Parr, and Alvin Ferguson


We would like to congratulate our growers that participated in the Dekalb Yield Chasers event. Our 7 winners are as follows.


95 day and below, non-irrigated
3rd place- Carl Foster


101-103 day, non-irrigated
1st place- Randy Eschenburg

Left to Right: John, Randy, & Bryon Eschenburg


100 day and below, no-till non-irrigated
2nd place- Jay Ferguson

3rd place- Don Koning


101 day and above, no-till non-irrigated
1st place- Alvin Ferguson



100 day and below, strip till/minimum till non-irrigated
1st place- Ron Parks


 Left to Right: Madalin & Ron Parks


Thanks to everyone else that participated in the 2019 Yield Chasers!!





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