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Advantages of Huskie® herbicide Fall Application!


1)Control Glyphosate/ALS resistant Marestail in your 2020 wheat crop and reduce future issues.

2)Broad spectrum contact and residual broadleaf weed control that can last all winter long

3)Increased Flexibility for better spring timings of Nitrogen, foliar feeds and fungicide applications

4)Excellent crop safety with Huskie®

5)Fall Applied Huskie® allows for Frost Seeded Clover Cover Crop in the spring.


Fall Huskie recommendations for wheat:

Huskie – 15 oz/acre + Prefer – 1 qt/100 gal. + AMS – 1#/acre

Apply to wheat with 1 true leaf or larger in late October into November as long as weather permits. Do not apply to frozen ground. Spray as long as daytime temps are above 40° F. 

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2020 Dekalb & Asgrow Meeting



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Thank you to everyone that was able to come out last week for our 2020 Dekalb & Asgrow Meeting. We had a great turn out and lots of knowledge was shared. Thank you also to our speakers Jason Fettig, John Kohr, & David Reif.